Improve the quality of your erections and your sex life

Male Extra is a complement that is among the best while clearly detaching itself from the lot. After testing hands-on, it guarantees tangible results.

Its pills are made up of 100% natural organic elements. The main ingredient is pomegranate juice extract. Totally natural, this extract of pomegranate manages to increase the blood flow in the body and especially in the penis.

It is a powerful antioxidant that cleans the body in depth and ensures a penis in perfect working condition. In order for it to work properly at the time of the erection, it needs a good supply and a quantity of blood, the key factors that determine the size, firmness and durability of an erection.

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How Male Extra works?

A large majority of men find themselves in embarrassment and torment when faced with problems of erections or erectile dysfunction. They then feel the need to improve the size of their penis, the performance of their erection or their sensation associated with the act of ejaculation.

The concept of Male Extra is ultimately simple. It is based on the principle that their diet does not give men everything they need to maximize their erectile capacity. This product will therefore maximize blood flow through the penis, one thing that conventional antioxidants are unable to achieve.

The complete list of ingredients!

Each pill makes about 1500 mg. It is obtained from the powerful herbs and extracts below:

  • * Granada: 70%
  • * L-Arginine: 500mg * Ellagic Acid: 500mg * Muira Puama: 150mg
  • * MSM (Methyl Sufonyl Methane): 100mg * Epimedium Sagittatum: 50mg
  • * Tongkat Ali 20: 1 extract 50mg * Flaxseed: 50mg
  • * Maca: 25mg * L-Methionine: 25mg * Cordyceps: 5mg * Omega 3: 25mg

The 70% ellagic grenade is nicknamed "The Natural Viagra". It is not an ordinary grenade. Thus, each Male Extra capsule portion contains the equivalent of 500 bottles of concentrated juice.

Studies have shown that the pomegranate increases the level of nitric oxide (NO) involved in maintaining the health of blood vessels. L-Arginine, in addition to being one of the building blocks of the human body's proteins, has the ability to increase libido and intensity of sexual sensations in men and women, to maintain endurance in men.

To this end, numerous clinical studies have been carried out worldwide concerning the effect of L-Arginine on male sexual performance. Tongkat Ali is known as "Asian Viagra" according to a 1999 report in the Sunday Times.

It promotes an increase in the level of testosterone, libido, sexual performance or endurance, and even energy, mood as well as fertility in sexual desire.

Male Extra: Results and Effectiveness

Research has ensured that all the ingredients used in the Male Extra product have been known for their effectiveness in increasing the sex drive in men.

These ingredients work specifically to improve blood circulation and achieve better and longer lasting erections. The dosage to be followed is three pills a day and the statistics shown show that people were able to see effective results in just a few weeks.

Male Extra brings a small progressive change so that your body can adapt and have beautiful experiences.

Full review of the pill

The market is loaded with male impotence pills but it is important to note that Male Extra has something special for users. And it is its ability to produce nitric oxide in the body and also improving blood circulation to increase blood flow to the penis. Male extra helps to produce nitric oxide that helps maintain erection longer.

Male Extra is one of the safest pills for male enhancement on the market.

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Dosage: How to use Male Extra for best results?

For best results, users are encouraged to use Male Extra as part of their daily lives. The dose prescribed for pills is about three times a day. A single pill after or with a meal helps you to improve the sexual drive over time and to achieve better sexual experiences.

People tend to take more doses to maximize the effects of pills and get better results in less time. This will cause nausea or burning sensations in the body as the hormones will increase more than what your body can treat. Therefore, it is advisable to respect the recommended dose in order to obtain effective results over time.

The pill can give good results in just a month while helping you solve all your sexual problems after a few months of use. Users are therefore encouraged to adhere to a good diet and to follow the recommended guidelines of the pills for the best results.

Side effects and other risks

Being formulated with natural and Ayurveda ingredients, Male Extra is easily the safest pill against male impotence on the market. Users have seen no potential side effects after consuming the pills in the usual schedule. However, overdose can sometimes cause nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, etc. These can be avoided when you consume only the recommended dosage (3 pills per day).

Not only Male Extra, all pills can be harmful to the body and can cause serious hazards when you consume unrealistic amounts. The pills are meant to help you get a sexual strength, harder erection and lasting experience. This can only be achieved when you follow the rules of the pills and adhere to the regimen required to be undertaken.

Male Extra is not just a product

Beyond the fact that Male Extra has succeeded in developing an excellent product by combining two different approaches, it is also renowned for the efficiency of its customer service.

Indeed, it is very different from the classic products of the same category of which the customer service is just a telephonic appendix of the online scam ... The customer support works 24/24, and 7 days / 7 to discuss any what problems the client may encounter and any related issues, including: when or how to take it? How do I perform certain exercises? They know Male Extra well and are ready to answer any questions.

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A 90-day warranty is waiting for you to confirm that MaleExtra is an effective product.

Male Extra warranty

Male Extra improves the sex life of more than 97% of users!

It is true that there are hundreds, even thousands of products for sale on the internet which have in common the concern to improve the erectile capacities and size in erection of the penis. There are, for example, pills, pumps, or some patches and mechanical penile extension systems.

MaleExtra is available without prescription and has no side effects. If you want to improve the appearance and performance of your erection, use Viagra Natural Male Extra.

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